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Growing up bilingual

About Us

This website has been created in 2012 by Sharon Unsworth, Ivana Brasileiro and Manuela Pinto in order to provide updated and research-based information to bilingual families about raising children with more than one language.
We are linguists specialized in the field of early bilingualism and second language acquisition. We are passionate about our work and we believe that the knowledge we gather with our research ought to be shared with non-specialists, out there. In these past years we have given many workshops and (informal) talks for parents, professionals, policy makers and for anyone interested in bilingualism and bilingual education.
To date, Ivana is policy advisor at the Utrecht School of Economics and Sharon is associate professor at Radboud University where she continues her professional activities and her public engagement with unchanged commitment. The Growingupbilingual team proceeds with revived enthusiasm and with two new members: Shalom Zuckerman, expert in psycholinguistics and in cognitive aspects of multilingualism, and Zuzanna Grądzka, multilingual student (Polish, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, …) specializing in second language acquisition.


About Us
Manuela Pinto
Manuela Pinto is Assistant Professor of Italian Linguistics at Utrecht University. Her expertise and her work experience range from formal linguistics (syntax/pragmatics/semantics interface, grammatical development in L1, L2 and 2L1) to applied linguistics and language teaching. Her current research is centered on the acquisition of pronouns in first language acquisition and in early bilingualism.
About Us
Zuzanna Grądzka
Zuzanna Grądzka is student of Spanish Language and Culture and Italian Language and Culture at Utrecht University. Her personal interest lies in the field of applied linguistics, in particular in syntax/pragmatics interface, bilingualism and the first and second language acquisition.

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